Box view feature

Box view feature allows a single Jira issue to be rendered as a fully configurable box on a Confluence page.

It is especially useful while working on a Confluence page linked to an issue. Such as decision making overview page linked to a Jira Task or feature request overview page linked to a Jira Epic.

Built-in macro scenario

These pages tends to have this kind of table on top of the document:


Not started


@Some Person



Epic link

Due date


Imagine you want to change a status of an issue. Steps you need to perform are:

  1. Press ‘edit’ and wait for the Confluence editor to fully load;

  2. Click NOT STARTED status badge, replace it’s text with IN PROGRESS and manually change the colour to blue;

  3. Save your changes and wait for Confluence to load;

  4. Click linked issue and wait for Jira to load;

  5. Transition issue’s status to in progress;

  6. Realise that the owner in Jira is set to a different person;

  7. Go back to Confluence and refresh the page then press edit again and wait for the heavy editor to load;

  8. Fix the owner field in the table and finally saves the page.

This takes time and can be really frustrating if you have to update several pages in a row.

Smart Jira issue view scenario

Once you insert Smar issue view macro on a Confluence page, you have all the information needed right on the page:

All the data presented is up to date. There is no need to manually sync them between Jira and Confluence.

Let’s repeat the above scenario with sji :

  1. Click box header and wait for lightweight modal to open;

  2. Transition issue’s status to in progress;

  3. Hit escape or click the x sign to close the dialog;

That’s it. Everything right on the Confluence page.

If, for any reason you want to stick to the Confluence table format, you can always embed multiple single issue view macros. Such an scenario is presented in this movie: