1.5.X (> 1.0.17-AC) Issue box style reimplemented

The most significant change is reimplementation of the box style. Former box had a constant width of 500px and displayed each field in a single line. This produced clean and easy to read box, but longer fields (including summary) were cut. Such a fixed width macro was also unusable in tables.

Here is how it used to look:

And a longer example:

And inside a table problem:

To fix that, the box style was reimplemented. It has dynamic width between 100 and 300 px. Each field can be displayed in up to three rows. It fits table cells nicely.

Here is a short example:

And longer one:

And inside a table:

Here is a detailed changelog:

  • SJI-8: Date fields are decorated with calendar icon:

  • SJI-8: Inline style new sizing approach

  • SJI-8: Empty description and no labels displays as all other fields

  • SJI-8: Label tags receive borders and spacing

  • SJI-8: Modal icons replaces issue type icon on hover:

  • SJI-8: Box style is now default option

  • SJI-8: Box style can fit table cell

  • SJI-10: Better handling users with multiple Atlassian Cloud instances

  • SJI-10: Updated session persistence

  • SJI-12: Static error handler fix

  • [internal] Safe libraries update

  • AD-151: Better handler for invalid refresh token

  • AD-153: Links in IssueEditor opens in new tab if Jira url is different than Confluence url

  • AD-154: Handling missing JWT in app lifecycle handler

  • AD-158: Extended test automation

  • AD-159: Fixing/bypassing the problem with inserting the macro in the new editor (problem described on the Atlassian Developers Community)

  • AD-156: Configurable macro (/ii) also in two styles (static and box)