How to authorize Smart Jira issue view for Confluence?

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to authorize Smart issue. It’s worth mentioning, the only thing that the user has to perform is to follow an easy “press blue button” wizard and refresh a Confluence at the end.

#1 Click “Authorize to see the issue”

If a Jira issue has already been added on a Confluence page by a different user, you will find this macro:

Seeing that, click the Authorize link.

If you are about to add your first issue, start by using a /jj shortcut in the Confluence editor:

And click any option from the dropdown menu.

#2 On the modal, click “Authorize!”


#3 Confirm authorization

On the authorization, consent screen pick up your Jira cloud instance from the “Authorize for” list and confirm it.


#4 Confirmation screen

On the following screen, you will see the permission granting confirmation screen. You can close it.

#5 Refresh the Confluence page

Refresh the page and that’s it!