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In October 2021 we were deeply moved by the situation at the Polish-Belarus border where thousands of people were trapped at the center of an intensifying geopolitical dispute.

We decided to pay 10% of our revenue (not profit, revenue) to a coalition of human rights organizations Border Group. The group includes people we know in person, as well as members of the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights.

In February 2022 the border crisis seemed to shade. But as we all know it was replaced by something much worse. We hoped we would never use word "war" in this context.

We donate help for fighting Ukraine. Either through NGOs or via our network of friends who are personally involved in the matter.

The below report shows shares, not the exact amounts. Please contact us at for more details, including payments confirmation.

Note: The revenue % listed below may look high. It is important to mention that the Atlassian plugin development is a side job for us. Thanks to that we can afford to spend much more than promised 10%.

Feel free to ask for more details, including payments confirmations.

October 2021 (blue star) (Border Group) 48% of revenue

November 2021 (blue star) 18% of revenue

December 2021 (blue star) (Rescue Foundation) 7% (Border Group) 1% 1% (Amnesty International) 1%

January 2022 (blue star)

PCPM–Polish Center for International Aid 12%

February 2022 (blue star)

PCPM–Polish Center for International Aid 10%

Direct medical aid organised by a close friend of mine, 33%

March 2022 (blue star)

My family offered two apartments we owned as a new home for two Ukrainian families. The first family of four were accommodated at the beginning of March. The second at the end of the month.

Heating costs 30%

Four beds and mattresses 125%

Vacuum 15%

April 2022 (blue star)

Equipping the second apartment (mostly kitchen) 186%

May 2022 (blue star) 10%

June 2022 (blue star) 10%

June 2022 (blue star) 10% (Rescue Foundation)

July 2022 (blue star) 10% (Border Group)

August 2022 (blue star) 10% (Border Group)

September 2022 (blue star) 10%