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  • SJI-8: Date fields are decorated with calendar icon:

  • SJI-8: Inline style new sizing approach

  • SJI-8: Empty description and no labels displays as all other fields

  • SJI-8: Label tags receive borders and spacing

  • SJI-8: Modal icons replaces issue type icon on hover:

  • SJI-8: Box style is now default option

  • SJI-8: Box style can fit table cell

  • SJI-10: Better handling users with multiple Atlassian Cloud instances

  • SJI-10: Updated session persistence

  • SJI-12: Static error handler fix

  • [internal] Safe libraries update

  • AD-151: Better handler for invalid refresh token

  • AD-153: Links in IssueEditor opens in new tab if Jira url is different than Confluence url

  • AD-154: Handling missing JWT in app lifecycle handler

  • AD-158: Extended test automation

  • AD-159: Fixing/bypassing the problem with inserting the macro in the new editor (problem described on the Atlassian Developers Community)

  • AD-156: Configurable macro (/ii) also in two styles (static and box)